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We are going to try an experiment and provide an area for based Businesses to post free ads and information about their opportunity.

Ads can be posted as comments and will be subject to approval. Spammers will be banned.

Non-MLM-Networking Posts are welcome.

Please note that this capability is not active at this time. Please check back.



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We just posted a list of MLM Companies on The MLM Company Page is accessible from the main top menu.

Not just your typical listing - we visited each company site to make sure it’s reachable.
Plus, we attempted to eliminate companies when it seemed they have had too many problems.

Our leads should be a good fit for most of these MLM Companies.

The listing can be used to quickly go to company sites without having to do a lot of searching to find companies that accept distributors in the U.S. Any exceptions are noted on the drop down menu.






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If you want the freshest possible multi-level marketing leads (mlm leads) you’ll want to check out real time mlm leads.

Not only are real time leads quick to arrive after a prospect completes an online request form, they also put the ‘fun’ factor in prospecting. It’s actually kind of cool to be able to contact a prospect within minutes of their inquiry. The clear advantage is the prospect will remember their request because of the timing of your call.

Plus, real time leads are great for mlm. That’s because prospects who request information are looking for a ways to earn extra income.

So, do yourself a favor and take a look at real time leads that are ideal for MLM.

You can learn more at



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MLM Leads are usually considered by marketers as a tool
in growing their business. Lately, one might say that MLM and
leads are two topics that deserve almost equal attention.

Today’s marketing success really relies on having access to sales
leads that are effective, affordable and a lead source  that can
provide you with consistent results.

In other words, when you test leads sources, it’s not enough to
be able to obtain just one group of leads. Be sure to track results
obtained from several lead batches so you can make sure your
results are consistent so your sales will also be consistent.

Learn more at


Sales success is achievable!

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The website has been around since 1998. If you are familiar
with the site, you know that it’s kind of a throwback and is not the slick and
styled website that so many list vendors have created.

I suppose that was created to be less flashly because we wanted
to emphasize content over style.

However, things do change and unfortunately, it seems that the site lags behind
in that it became difficult for visitors to navigate and find things.  Also, we
needed to facilitate easier maintenance as we need to update lead information
and availability from time time. This is because sales lead sources come and go and
we like to offer leads from sources that seem to be performing the best for our
customers. This means we needed to be able to update the site more easily.
Given the way MLM Leads were listed, i was a challenge to modify the site and
keep content current.

So, after 14 years, we are thinking about redesigning the site so it will reflect
our current lead offerings. The main goal is  to make the the site easier to navigate.

If you have suggestions about what you would like to see or any suggestions
about features you would like the site to have, please send an email to us as
we would like to have a site that our customers are comfortable with.



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If you operate a business from home you already know that  home based business and leads
go together.

We all know that the words and descriptions used to describe and market products
and services can and do change from time to time.

In the past, sales leads were primarily described as mlm leads or sales leads for xyz product,
but now, the ‘mlm’ modifier or term has gone out of fashion to some extent. As a result,
those who consider their income opportunity to be a home or home-based business,
will search for sales leads, naturally enough, using the term ‘home based business leads.’

However, if you have been around a while, you probably recognize that MLM Leads and
Home-based Business Leads are considered by lead industry insiders to be the same.

Where things differ is when a particular product or service is involved and leads are
targeted not in a general sense but towards a vertical product market.

This means that if a home business operator offers nutritional products, for instance,
they might be best served by including the word ‘nutrition’ when trying to find leads.
However, experience suggests that a wider field of results may be found using old
industry terms like leads for mlm and even opportunity seekers as these older
terms persist in the world of vendors who offer sales leads.

In reality, the one term that seems to be the most accurate in respect to sales
leads for small business – at least when prospects can earn extra income, is
the term ‘opportunity seeker.’

So, if you have been searching for sales leads that are appropriate or your
particular opportunity, trying a variety of search terms may help you
find what you are looking for because vendors and business owners
often describe their offerings  differently.

You can learn more at




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If you are an experienced with MLM Marketing, you may be wondering what
has happened to sales leads and why it seems harder to find good propsect lists?

If you are one of the marketers who is searching for quality leads that
are affordable, you’re not alone. The question is how should you go
about finding quality leads without having to use up your advertising

There are a few factors in play:

The answer my friend is not floating in the wind; finding the answer just
requires using a little common-sense.

Keep your pipeline of lead sources fresh

In the past, there were numerous sources of quality sales leads and leads
for multi-level marketers (MLM Marketers) in particular but things have
changed a bit.

What I recommend, when asked, is that you allocate a portion of your
monthly advertising budgetfor testing new lead sources – even if you
already have a lead source that you like.

The reason for this is that  you will eventually discover that lead sources
come and go. Even quality lead sources disappear from time to time. This
is especially true now that Google has been making major changes to their
search algorithms.

Understanding Seach Engine Results: Lack of  Quality and Alternatives

Also, if you have looked for lead sources lately,  you may have noticed that the
better listings are not coming up at the top of the pile – at least on Google it seems.

To verify that the search changes are not for the best, you can search for
just about anything and you’ll notice that the top ‘natural’ search results
seem to list lower quality sites.  The situation with search results has forced
many companies to use pay-per-click advertising but the dirty little secret is
pay-per click ads don’t pull like they used to.

Given the sorry state of search results, you may be wondering what seach
customers are doing to attract results and what are lead generators doing
in particular. But before we attack this issue, let’s take a quick look at referrals.


It’s simple really. Lead sources are doing what most companies are doing.
They are marketing to their pre-existing customers and finding out that
this the way to continue to be profitable.

I would suggest that there is something to learn with this if you market
MLM Opportunities. In other words, don’t forget to market by referrals -
by working with past and current customers. In other words, use the
power of referals to help you find prospects that might otherwise be overlooked.

Looking Deeper for good leads:

Also, don’t give up on lead sources just yet. You may have to look a little
deeper in Google’s search results to find quality lead sources for your MLM
Business but it can be done.

Alternative Searches

Also, we are recommending that marketers try out the Bing Search Engine.
Why? Because you will likely find that the top search results – the top 20
results are more relevant than Googles for finding small businesses which
offer mlm leads. I can give you example after example to prove this assertion.

This is an important point because most quality lead sources of MLM Marketing Lists
and sales leads are not the big companies. The better sources of sales leads for niche
markets like MLM and Home-based business operators are smaller businesses as
they cater to niche markets unlike big companies – like InfoUSA, for example.

This leads to a discussion of what a MLM Lead actually is. You will find that the
types of leads, how they are generated, and how they are defined differ radically
from one source to another and particularly with larger list companies.

Compiled List Companies vs. Respondent Lead Companies

Large lead companies don’t take the time to make sure that their leads are actually
working for their customers. They seem to be more interested in how many leads
are deliverable as opposed to how many leads generated a response.

Also,  you’ll find that most large lead companies tend to classify leads as opportunity seeker
leads in a way that differs from how you and I might. As an example, just because someone
purchased software for home, that doesn’t mean that this person is looking for a business
or income opportunity. In other words, as most marketers know, that type
of purchase does not an opportunity seeker make.

In other words, larger lead companies are in the business of selling compiled lists -
not respondent leads and they have the PPC budgets to outbid companies who offer
and sell legitimate repondent leads that are in demand by MLM Marketers.


If you want to find better respondent lead sources, be sure to take a look at companies
that don’t have an interest in being at the top of Google Adwords Listings, and consider using
Bing and other search engines that have not tried to rig search results in a manner that favors
big companies at the expense of driving smaller companies away.

Also, given the way lead sources come and go, we have found that we can best keep up by
providing our customers with insight on on the best types of leads that are available – by phone.
You are welcome to visit to learn about standard lead offerings but I’d recommend
that you send an email to use or just call 770-942-9999 to learn more about leads that we are currently recommending.




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Many people have asked about getting free MLM Leads.

That’s because in the past, we were one of the first, if not the
first source of MLM Leads to offer free leads.

The idea behind the free leads program was to provide leads without
charge so that marketers who were legitimately intersted in buying
leads would have the opportunity to try out leads before making
a purchase.

However, we have discontinued our free leads program for a couple of reasons.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because we felt we could better serve those who
are likely to be MLM Customers and legitimate marketers by keeping our
prices as low as possible for our leads.

We also noticed that there are websites that are dedicated to providing lists
of vendors who offer free leads. In our view, those websites who offer such tips
are only serving to undermine vendors and their ability to make a legitimate profit.
The leads business does not have big margins and it is difficult to make a profit as it is.

Most vendors who offer free leads are not in a position to offer their best leads for free.
Anecdotal evidence that comes from conversations with marketers who spent time working
with ‘free leads’ only to discover that they wasted their time and money.

The old adage that there is no free lunch applies today as it did in the past and
perhaps more so. Today, it is more expensive to generate high quality mlm leads.

We would rather focus on generating and finding the best leads for serious marketers
than to postpone the day that marketers, who have no advertising budget, will go out of

Rather than pin one’s hopes on making it big with free leads, our advice would be to buy
leads in test quantities so will have legitimate sales leads to work with from the beginning.
That way, you’ll be much more likely to save time and money and avoid dissapointment.


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MLM Mailing lists are essentially postal mailing lists.

Used by those in network marketing to market by postal mail, the 
prospect lists that are offered by most lead sources are usually
going to be opportunity seeker leads.

Our experience over the years suggests that most marketers
will do OK with some types of opportunity seeker leads but
we feel that using Buyers Leads will give you the edge you
need to compete.

When you order a postal mailing list from
you’ll receive a list of buyers who have indicated they can afford
to participate in a MLM Program because they have made a
purchase in the recent past.


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MLM Mailing lists are sometimes overlooked by modern marketers because of a variety of factors.
However, MLM Mailing Lists and Postal Mailing lists are a tried and true method of marketing.

As a matter of fact, many experienced marketers know that there is one sure-fire method of
getting your offer in front of your prospects – and that involves sending your postcard or
offer to them by postal mail.

Unlike marketing by email, the benefits associated with MLM Mailing Lists are clear. At least
the majority of people in your prospect list will see your offer unlike email lists where you
can expect an open rate of no more than 5%.

If you are ready to put your marketing efforts in high gear be sure to give MLM Postal Mailing
Lists a good try. We recommend that you send your offer to a minimum of 1,000 names and
2,000 names would be better.

Click on this link for more information:

Happy marketing!


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