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We are going to try an experiment and provide an area for based Businesses to post free ads and information about their opportunity.

Ads can be posted as comments and will be subject to approval. Spammers will be banned.

Non-MLM-Networking Posts are welcome.

Please note that this capability is not active at this time. Please check back.



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We just posted a list of MLM Companies on The MLM Company Page is accessible from the main top menu.

Not just your typical listing - we visited each company site to make sure it’s reachable.
Plus, we attempted to eliminate companies when it seemed they have had too many problems.

Our leads should be a good fit for most of these MLM Companies.

The listing can be used to quickly go to company sites without having to do a lot of searching to find companies that accept distributors in the U.S. Any exceptions are noted on the drop down menu.






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If you operate a business from home you already know that  home based business and leads
go together.

We all know that the words and descriptions used to describe and market products
and services can and do change from time to time.

In the past, sales leads were primarily described as mlm leads or sales leads for xyz product,
but now, the ‘mlm’ modifier or term has gone out of fashion to some extent. As a result,
those who consider their income opportunity to be a home or home-based business,
will search for sales leads, naturally enough, using the term ‘home based business leads.’

However, if you have been around a while, you probably recognize that MLM Leads and
Home-based Business Leads are considered by lead industry insiders to be the same.

Where things differ is when a particular product or service is involved and leads are
targeted not in a general sense but towards a vertical product market.

This means that if a home business operator offers nutritional products, for instance,
they might be best served by including the word ‘nutrition’ when trying to find leads.
However, experience suggests that a wider field of results may be found using old
industry terms like leads for mlm and even opportunity seekers as these older
terms persist in the world of vendors who offer sales leads.

In reality, the one term that seems to be the most accurate in respect to sales
leads for small business – at least when prospects can earn extra income, is
the term ‘opportunity seeker.’

So, if you have been searching for sales leads that are appropriate or your
particular opportunity, trying a variety of search terms may help you
find what you are looking for because vendors and business owners
often describe their offerings  differently.

You can learn more at