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If you are an experienced with MLM Marketing, you may be wondering what
has happened to sales leads and why it seems harder to find good propsect lists?

If you are one of the marketers who is searching for quality leads that
are affordable, you’re not alone. The question is how should you go
about finding quality leads without having to use up your advertising

There are a few factors in play:

The answer my friend is not floating in the wind; finding the answer just
requires using a little common-sense.

Keep your pipeline of lead sources fresh

In the past, there were numerous sources of quality sales leads and leads
for multi-level marketers (MLM Marketers) in particular but things have
changed a bit.

What I recommend, when asked, is that you allocate a portion of your
monthly advertising budgetfor testing new lead sources – even if you
already have a lead source that you like.

The reason for this is that  you will eventually discover that lead sources
come and go. Even quality lead sources disappear from time to time. This
is especially true now that Google has been making major changes to their
search algorithms.

Understanding Seach Engine Results: Lack of  Quality and Alternatives

Also, if you have looked for lead sources lately,  you may have noticed that the
better listings are not coming up at the top of the pile – at least on Google it seems.

To verify that the search changes are not for the best, you can search for
just about anything and you’ll notice that the top ‘natural’ search results
seem to list lower quality sites.  The situation with search results has forced
many companies to use pay-per-click advertising but the dirty little secret is
pay-per click ads don’t pull like they used to.

Given the sorry state of search results, you may be wondering what seach
customers are doing to attract results and what are lead generators doing
in particular. But before we attack this issue, let’s take a quick look at referrals.


It’s simple really. Lead sources are doing what most companies are doing.
They are marketing to their pre-existing customers and finding out that
this the way to continue to be profitable.

I would suggest that there is something to learn with this if you market
MLM Opportunities. In other words, don’t forget to market by referrals -
by working with past and current customers. In other words, use the
power of referals to help you find prospects that might otherwise be overlooked.

Looking Deeper for good leads:

Also, don’t give up on lead sources just yet. You may have to look a little
deeper in Google’s search results to find quality lead sources for your MLM
Business but it can be done.

Alternative Searches

Also, we are recommending that marketers try out the Bing Search Engine.
Why? Because you will likely find that the top search results – the top 20
results are more relevant than Googles for finding small businesses which
offer mlm leads. I can give you example after example to prove this assertion.

This is an important point because most quality lead sources of MLM Marketing Lists
and sales leads are not the big companies. The better sources of sales leads for niche
markets like MLM and Home-based business operators are smaller businesses as
they cater to niche markets unlike big companies – like InfoUSA, for example.

This leads to a discussion of what a MLM Lead actually is. You will find that the
types of leads, how they are generated, and how they are defined differ radically
from one source to another and particularly with larger list companies.

Compiled List Companies vs. Respondent Lead Companies

Large lead companies don’t take the time to make sure that their leads are actually
working for their customers. They seem to be more interested in how many leads
are deliverable as opposed to how many leads generated a response.

Also,  you’ll find that most large lead companies tend to classify leads as opportunity seeker
leads in a way that differs from how you and I might. As an example, just because someone
purchased software for home, that doesn’t mean that this person is looking for a business
or income opportunity. In other words, as most marketers know, that type
of purchase does not an opportunity seeker make.

In other words, larger lead companies are in the business of selling compiled lists -
not respondent leads and they have the PPC budgets to outbid companies who offer
and sell legitimate repondent leads that are in demand by MLM Marketers.


If you want to find better respondent lead sources, be sure to take a look at companies
that don’t have an interest in being at the top of Google Adwords Listings, and consider using
Bing and other search engines that have not tried to rig search results in a manner that favors
big companies at the expense of driving smaller companies away.

Also, given the way lead sources come and go, we have found that we can best keep up by
providing our customers with insight on on the best types of leads that are available – by phone.
You are welcome to visit to learn about standard lead offerings but I’d recommend
that you send an email to use or just call 770-942-9999 to learn more about leads that we are currently recommending.




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