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If you are a fan of nature or perhaps enjoy gardening or landscaping, you have to appreciate the role that perennial plants play in creating a space that you can enjoy year-round.

MLM postal maling lists are very much like well-designed gardens or landscapes and can provide needed consistency in your business yard or garden.

The Simple Case for Using Postal Leads

The reason for using postal leads are that they generate consistent and steady results. Although postal mailings are not flashy, they are an important part of any marketers arsensal because they simple generate results time and time again.

Quick Success Tips: Marketing using Postal Lists

  • Use postal lists to create steady flow of prospects
  • Consider using postal mailings as a means of introduction
  • Follow-up with Telephone Marketing
  • Use post cards to lower your costs
  • Make sure your postcard stimulates curiosity and has a call to action
  • Remember to allocate a portion of your advertising to purchasing postal lists and for postage
  • Start small with a mailing of maybe 50 postcards per week
  • Monitor your results as a means of tracking effectiveness of your postcard
  • Report undeliveable or returned mail to your lead source and ask for credit of returns exceed 10%

Lowering Costs: Using Postcards instead of Letters

Let’s address some of  the more basic points mentioned above.

One marketer who owns a publishing business recently sent out a newsletter (by email) in which he mentioned that the price of sending a postcard is considerably less than sending a letter. We’re talking about 32 cents for postcard which is really not bad at all given that at least your prospect will see the postcard and have the opportunity to respond. This is a very different scenario when compared to sending email messages for example.

Combining Postal Mail and Telemarketing

Secondly, you’ll want to consider using a telephone follow-up. What does this refer to? We’re talking about eliminating cold-calling because when you follow-up with a prospect that you have already sent something to – by mail, psychologically and as a matter of fact, you are simply following up with that prospect which means you have a reason for calling a person that clicks with them and that can make all the difference.

And remember, you’ll want to consider using postal mail in conjunction with telephone marketing to really help you generate faster results.

Volume, tracking and following up with prospects

If you are new to using postal lists, you may want to start out using a smaller mailing – perhaps plan to send 50 or postcards  per week.

Remember to track your results. This will be particularly easy if you create a simple spreadsheet using Excel so you can jot down who responded or if mailed pieces were returned. I would suggest that you keep a monthly tally of returns so you can request replacement leads if your return pieces exceed 10% .

Using your spreadsheet or even a log in a text processing type program, schedule telephone follow-ups about 4-5 days after you send out your mail. You may have to adjust your calling schedule based on how long it takes mail to be delievered from your destination.

Realistic Expectations

Consider that it may take from a few weeks to a few months to be able to see results. Why is that? Well, when prospects receive something by mail, it may sit around the house for a while before they decide to take action and call or follow-up.

 Since postal leads can provide a consistent boost to your bottome line, it will be helpful to consider allocating a portion of your advertising budget for postal leads.

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Many marketers are wondering what is the best mlm lead to use in order to get real results and make a list pay for itself.

The answer depends somewhat on how you or your marketers like to contact people and if you are good at telemarketing and if you have experience with email (current experience).

First, the no-brainer type of lead is a postal lead. This type of lead can still be very effective for a number of reasons. It’s low-tech and there is a very small learning curve. The downside is small – the cost of a stamp – as opposed to the time involved with utilizing other types of leads.

Next choice, and this is not in an order of preference, are mlm telephone leads. If you are good on the phone, or can have someone who is good at talking on the phone work  your leads, you might find you can experience good sign-ups faster that with a postal list. Based on demand, I would say telephone leads are a hot choice and preferred by many successful marketers.

Marketers who have used our Call-in Center Leads use a one-two punch in their marketing in that they send out a mailer and then follow-up with a phone call. Makes sense because when you market like this, you really aren’t doing cold calling are you? This combination approach is something that most advice givers have not considered. Even so, it’s something you may want to consider.

The last type of lead I recommend these days is an email lead. The reason is that most marketers are not set-up to handle marketing by email. It’s still possible to market effectively by email – but, you really have to know what you are doing. I may publish something on the site at to provide more details but for now, suffice it say that you need to know what you are doing if you are going to send email in quantity or even if you just plan to send a few email at a time. If would like to learn more about how to get your email through (actually delivered), you might want to check out advice for email marketers (postmasters)  that Yahoo provides.

No matter what, if you decide to send email, just make absolutely sure you are using opt-in leads and that you’re sending a messgae that has content that’s related to the initial inquiry of the prospect. There is much more to know too both about how to send email and how to be in compliance with various laws and rules and regulations. You may find things are quite a bit different than the way things used to be – so, be sure you take time to research  what’s involved before you begin sending email.

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Welcome to LeadLists’ new Blog Site.

We’re looking forward to provide helpful marketing tips, sharing information about our new lead products for MLM.

Please bookmark the blog page and check in with us from time to time as this is where you’ll find information about special lead offers and more!

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Recently, we had access to call center leads that worked pretty well. As of January 2013, we are fortunate to have found two sources of Buyers Leads that we are comfortable in recommending.

Call us today at 770-942-9999 so we can set up your account so you can try Buyers Leads.inquiry if you’d like to learn more.

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