Posted by: admin in MLM Lists on January 21st, 2013

MLM Mailing lists are sometimes overlooked by modern marketers because of a variety of factors.
However, MLM Mailing Lists and Postal Mailing lists are a tried and true method of marketing.

As a matter of fact, many experienced marketers know that there is one sure-fire method of
getting your offer in front of your prospects – and that involves sending your postcard or
offer to them by postal mail.

Unlike marketing by email, the benefits associated with MLM Mailing Lists are clear. At least
the majority of people in your prospect list will see your offer unlike email lists where you
can expect an open rate of no more than 5%.

If you are ready to put your marketing efforts in high gear be sure to give MLM Postal Mailing
Lists a good try. We recommend that you send your offer to a minimum of 1,000 names and
2,000 names would be better.

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Happy marketing!