Posted by: admin in News on January 24th, 2013

The website has been around since 1998. If you are familiar
with the site, you know that it’s kind of a throwback and is not the slick and
styled website that so many list vendors have created.

I suppose that was created to be less flashly because we wanted
to emphasize content over style.

However, things do change and unfortunately, it seems that the site lags behind
in that it became difficult for visitors to navigate and find things.  Also, we
needed to facilitate easier maintenance as we need to update lead information
and availability from time time. This is because sales lead sources come and go and
we like to offer leads from sources that seem to be performing the best for our
customers. This means we needed to be able to update the site more easily.
Given the way MLM Leads were listed, i was a challenge to modify the site and
keep content current.

So, after 14 years, we are thinking about redesigning the site so it will reflect
our current lead offerings. The main goal is  to make the the site easier to navigate.

If you have suggestions about what you would like to see or any suggestions
about features you would like the site to have, please send an email to us as
we would like to have a site that our customers are comfortable with.