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Este sitio ofrece MLM Leads. Haga clic aquí para ver en español. 

Q: What are your leads best used for?

A: Our Leads are generally referred to as MLM Leads because they are used for business opportunities like MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and gifting programs. In a nutshell, if you sell a business opportunity and your prospect or person recruited also has the option to earn income, our leads should be suitable.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: We do try to meet customer expectations in that we provide the very best possible leads. But, we can not guarantee that anyone will have 'X' number of sales from a batch of leads since success varies based on the skill of the sales person, the material they use, etc. Different marketers will have different results.

Regarding lead replacement, policies vary based on the leads and the source.

Q: Can you share a little about the different types of leads you offer?

Buyers Leads are very expensive to acquire because we require that our buyer's leads include postal addresses and we only sell buyers leads that have a correctable and deliverable postal address. This means that our cost of providing a buyers lead is high. Since we work hard to provide the very best data possible, quality has not been an issue with these leads. We actually buy buyers leads and have access to several excellent sources.

Postal leads are a different situation than phone and email leads because postal leads require postage. That's why we are so careful with editing postal address info. We go through a six-step process using in-house proprietary programs and industry standard programs to vet postal data. The goal is to make sure postal addresses are standardized and deliverable. This means that when you buy postal leads from us, you will receive a postal list that will have very few if any non-deliverables. The results speak for themselves. If a customer were to have a problem with nixies, we at our sole discretion may opt to place names on a one-for-one basis or replace a list.

Email Leads are a different situation too. People change email addresses frequently so it is not possible to guarantee that an email address is deliverable. However, we do send email broadcasts from time to time and based on the results or statistics for any given broadcast, we can determine how effective an email leads source is. We have experienced above average results with our lists.

In respect to opportunity leads and specialty leads, we are working with Peak USA on those. Peak Leads was acquired by a new owner who is very much on top of the quality issue and we work with them directly as their prime reseller. To determine how lead replacement works for any given type of lead, please refer to our site for complete information. Lead replacement varies based on the type of lead and sometimes, it's just easier to provide 10% extra leads with orders for some leads as this is the industry standard.

Q: What do you do to provide best lead quality?

A: We have found over the years that lead sources come and go and sometimes quality will vary. Based on customer feedback, we may drop a leads source or try out new sources. This is why our featured leads or sources may change from time to time. It's all done with our customers needs in mind. Much like riding a horse, we try to stay on tops of things and respond accordingly. That's why our business has evolved to more like a partnership with our customers. Their feedback - your feedback will determine if we continue to offer leads from any given source or if we use leads from another source. It all comes down to doing what it takes to make our customers happy and as successful as possible. Leads are available if the online order form for any type of lead is active.

Q: What makes your service different from all of the many other services or lead sources out there?

A:  Good question. We have been in business for a long time selling leads. Actually, we have had a website dedicated to MLM Leads online continuously since 1998. What this really means is that we have been doing some things right or we couldn't have survived that long! The benefit of being in business for a while is that  you get to know people and you are able to find good lead sources when the need arises. In addition, we don't hang our hats on just one type of lead or depend on one source. We have established good working relationships with people who have many years of experience. When you add it all up, I'd estimate that we have access to over 45 years of experience in media and leads in-house and with our sources combined. It all helps. We use a team approach in working with our vendors and customers to ensure that our leads are of the best possible quality.

Q: What are your terms and conditions?

A: Our terms and conditions for our featured leads, buyers leads, postal and phone leads are published on our APS Site - Terms and conditions for our Peak Leads are available at site.

Q: Do you sell customer information? In other words, if I buy a list from you, do I have to worry about my information being sold or made available to others?

A: We have always respected the privacy of our customers and do not sell customer information to any third party.

Q: How long will it take to receive leads ordered from you?

A: For most lists that we provide, we ask that you allow us a minimum of 24 hours to fill an order. If you order postal lists on labels, add time for your list to be mailed by Priority Mail which usually works out to be 3-4 days for average delivery time. If we ship postal lists, buyers phone leads, or featured email lists by email, the minimum processing time of 24 hours applies.

Q: What methods of payment are acceptable?

A: When you buy postal leads, phone leads or email lists from us, we accept any major credit card or you can send a money order. Money Wires are acceptable for Buyer Phone Leads for list orders of $300 or more. Postal leads can be paid by credit card or by PayPal. All Opportunity Seeker and Specialty Leads can be purchased with your major credit card directly through our site.

Q: If I have a problem or question, what's the best way to contact you?

A: The best thing to do is to send an email using our contact form. You can also call us but given how busy the phone becomes, that is not the most efficient option.

Q: You used to offer free leads? Are free leads still available?

A: We discontinued offering free leads because the program was abused. So, we don't offer free leads anymore. Sorry.

Q: I want to learn how to generate leads. Can you help me?

A: Yes and no. Generating sales leads is not actually rocket science but it can be frustrating if you've never tried to generate your own leads before. Today, it is very difficult to get a new website ranked in a competitive niche so it usually requires some trial and effort to get things in place. Generating leads requires a combination of website design skills, SEO skills, and deeper pockets than you might think. It really can be a test of patience, but I'm happy to share some insider tips.

Q: I'm new to marketing and could use some advice. Are you available for a chat sometimes?

A: I have always tried to be available to talk with marketers and am happy to throw in my 2 cents!

Q: Who should I ask for if I need something or want to know more about your leads and services.

A: Anyone will be glad to help you. You can also ask to speak with Don. He's the chief cook and bottle washer and will be happy to assist you.