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MLM Leads

It is helpful to note that MLM Leads are usually opportunity seeker leads - people who are generally looking to make money. So don't be fooled by those lead sources who contact leads by phone right away for you or those who offer multiple types of opportunity seeker leads under different names. Why? Because they are offering the weakest type of lead - opp seeker leads. What will make you stand apart, and recruit more people who are motivated, is by finding people who are motivated themselves. Why buy tire kickers when you can obtain people who are more likely to have cash in hand?

What makes our leads different and better by nature is that we include buyers leads with lead orders. Why is that? Because MLM Buyer's Leads are considered to be better and more qualified.

What's next?

Many people have asked what is the best type of lead to get started with. Should they try postal leads, phone leads or email?

Well, opinions do vary but normally, for those who are just getting started and who don't have experience with phone leads or email leads, we recommend using MLM Mailing Lists. The reason is simple. When you mail a piece to someone, they will normally receive it. They will hold it and look at it and most will open an envelope to see what's inside. That is so much more than what happens when a phone call is made or an email is sent out.

So, to begin with, consider using postal leads to get your offer in front of people with few exceptions.  

Also, some new marketers are concerned about who offers the best leads and for that matter real leads. Cutting through the verbiage is easy when marketers realize that all they have to do is buy a list in small quantity and test. It's that simple. Simply buy a list in a reasonable quantity and track your results. That's the best way to know if a source is offering leads that will work for you and ... you'll save time as well.

We've been offering MLM Leads like this since 1998, so we feel we know what tends to be the most effective way to market. If you have questions, feel free to ask. We're here to help.

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