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The first section of our information page provides information related to APS, our services, lists, guarantee, shipping, contact, and other information of interest. More information is available in our frequently asked questions or FAQ page including information about our policies.
The info presented on this page will help you to appreciate why our respondent leads in the Opportunity Seeker - MLM category represent the best list value available anywhere - PERIOD! If you're in a hurry you can click here to check out our MLM/Opportunity Seekers Postal Mailing List prices.

Please note that some of the information that's presented on this page and on some older pages is dated but we decided to keep the older pages in place as a historical reference of sorts as this site has been online since 1998 and it's fun to see how things have changed over the years. Originally developed with Front Page, the site has evolved and changed as have our products in that we offer more than postal mailing lists now. You will probably notice that some of the page markup doesn't translate as well for modern browsers!


General Mailing List Info, etc.

APS provides:

Opportunity seeker/mlm mailing lists

Compiled Business Lists and 

Opt-in Email Lists.


Our MLM and Opportunity leads are responsive leads.

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Most first-time clients ask us "Are your leads are fresh and are they HOT?"

Those are very good questions and we can answer - yes!  But, anyone can say they have hot or fresh leads. What does that really mean?  A better question is, "are your leads responsive leads"? The answer is YES!  We have all read ad copy like this.

To be blunt, what you really need are responsive lists from a company like APS  who provides a replacement guarantee like we do. We take pride in securing the very best leads for our clients.    

Using FRESH RESPONSIVE leads is the only way to go because the only reason you are mailing is to get RESULTS!  Good leads are one of the keys to your success! We can state that names on our list are responsive because they have already replied to opportunity ads or opted-in and requested information.PE03328A1.gif (2743 bytes)


Our Advantage Guarantee

Advantage Publishing will replace any undeliverable Opportunity/mlm US postal RESPONDENT mailing list address 5 for 1.  If you receive any mail back as undeliverable simply return each one within 30 days from the order date and we will replace them 5 for 1. We are very conscientious regarding the quality of our lists - see our FAQ page for more information. 

Unlike some other companies out there, we do not sell old compiled lists as opportunity seeker lists. Our integrity is the cornerstone of our business and we will never knowingly sell a list that does not measure up to our standards of excellence.



We ship most orders out within 24 hours.

Type of payment accepted

We accept personal and company checks, money orders and major
Credit Cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover!

Contact Information and Opt-in Information

Our telephone number is 770-942-9999.

Email inquiries can be sent to info@leadlists.com

More Helpful Info!

Have questions about our Opportunity/MLM Lists and how it all works?
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Our Policies and Terms

Opportunity Seeker and MLM List Prices

Click here for the List FAQ Page for our policies, guarantee, and other information.  
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Types of Lists available through APS Leadlists

If you are marketing an MLM product or service, need to promote your home-based business or reach business opportunity seekers, you might benefit by using a postal respondent mailing list. You can click here to check out our prices for MLM-Opportunity Seekers Mailing lists.

APS offers Opportunity-Seeker names from mom-and-pop advertisers in addition to brand-name sources. If you need a specialized or particular type of list, please let us know what your requirements are so we can be of assistance.

If you are a corporate rep, need a compiled list of businesses to mail to, or have a need to target traditional or specialized consumer and business market segments, we offer Business-to-Business & Compiled Business Mailing Lists. As a list broker, we can often be of assistance. Click here to jump to our information request form to submit your request for information using an on-line form. A partial portfolio of Compiled Lists and Databases is available.

APS did offer an Opt-in Email Service. In the past we referred customers to one of many opt-in services that is now out of business. Times have changed and email marketing is no longer the effective medium it once was. Now Surveyed Leads are the way to go. For most small and medium size businesses, there is a better option. Click here to learn more! 


Other questions about Opportunity Seeker Lists?

For complete information regarding lists, please feel free to call us at (770) 942-9999 or send email to: info@leadlists.com or click here to view available Opportunity Seeker List quantities.




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