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Avoid getting ripped off! Read our Consumer tips BEFORE you leave our page and this site!
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Thanks to the quality names we bought from LeadLists.com by Advantage Publishing Services in February, our business growth and profits have sky rocketed! In January, we had 25 direct customers and our check for that month was a little over $300.00. For the month of February we earned $623.00 our earnings more than doubled to $1400.00 for the month of March! I'm expecting our April check to be some where between $1800.00 and $2500.00. In our business we are approaching 100 total customers in our entire organization, most of which came from the lead list we bought from APS!"

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Consumer Tips

Avoid buying names based on a low-price. Have you noticed the list sellers who are competing with each other to see who can offer the most free names? The latest count is a special 4-for-1 list offer. Unless you are clueless, you probably realize that there is no such thing as free when you buy a list or anything else. If you buy names at cut-rate prices from one of the 4-for-1 sources, you're going to get exactly what you pay for ... if that!

Avoid buying names just because they are expensive. Most sources that sell expensive names buy their names from the same sources as the low-end vendors.

Avoid membership programs with minimum weekly or monthly list orders. Most of these sources offer overused names who don't want you to call them...they have already heard from your competitors multiple times.

How do you know if a list source offers good lists? Simple. Buy a small quantity of names and test the quality of the list and the source before you buy a larger list. Testing a list using a small quantity conserves your capital.

Test a list using at least 500 - 1,000 names. Otherwise, the test will not really give you an indication of how a list might perform.

Don't buy a list from a vendor who guarantees a response rate. Vendors do not usually  have the proper feedback from buyers to determine a real response rate.

Avoid vendors who offer 4-FOR-1 low-priced mailing lists for every category of interest. These specialty lists are ultimately derived from magazine subscription lists. If the lists were legitimate and "fresh",  brokers would be working with a compiler who would require a copy of your telemarketing script or mailer for approval, there would be minimum order requirements, etc. The fact is that most of these special interest mailing lists are at least one year old and have around 25% undeliverable addresses. That means your bargain list will be a total waste of money.

Avoid vendors who offer "FRESH" mlm-opportunity seeker mailing lists who use  NCOA software. If the list is fresh why should they need to process the list against a change of address file?

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