We do not issue refunds but may elect to replace leads or lists at our sole descretion.

Our complete terms and conditions are available upon request. Please use the Contact form if you have questions or concerns.

We are happy to assist our customers with any questions or comments they may have.

All leads are sold as-is. It is the customer's responsibility to insure they comply with all applicable laws and regulations that may govern their marketing activies.

Laws regarding marketing and direct marketing may vary from place to place and time to time, so please make sure you understand what you can do legally when you market any program or opportunity.

Marketers assume all responsibility for their actions. It is the marketer's responsibility to comply with any and all laws that may exist.

We only provide leads to those who agree to hold our company harmless regarding any issues that may arise.

Phone marketing information can be obtained through the FCC as well as information regarding no-call lists and compliance.

Email marketing rules and regulations can be obtained through your service providers and other sources.

Please become familiar with all rules and regulations that govern marketing prior to using any list or leads.

The Direct Marketing Association provides helpful information that you can consult.

Thank you.