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Managing Leads and Lead Sources for better Quality

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We strive to be better than any other lead source. What this means is that we not only listen to our customers, we also pass their feedback  along to our lead generators and lead sources.






What this means to you

We like to be able to offer lead choices to our customers. This means that  we generate leads in-house and we work with known sources of quality leads who also share our commitment to providing quality leads. We are always interested in finding new quality lead sources that will work with us in providing a superior leads - responsive leads that our customers expect and deserve. We either generate or buy our featured leads from lead generators because this helps us to monitor lead quality and perform list hygiene. We've added a new site for real-time leads, various opportunity seeker leads and specialty leads at We work directly with Peak Impact in providing certain leads and happily resell for select lead sources.

Our featured leads may change from time to time and sources as well. Based on customer feedback, we may drop a leads source or try out new sources. It's all done with you in mind. Much like riding a horse, we try to stay on tops of things and respond accordingly. Our business is more of a partnership with our customers because their feedback - your feedback will help us determine if we continue to offer leads from any given source or if we use leads from another source. It all comes down to doing what it takes to make our customers happy and as successful as possible.